Monday, March 26

Cricket Farewell

Cricket Farewell
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We will keep dealing with the food topic but from a different perspective: food that is alive!. What do you think happened next? Well this is no national geographic documentary and I was not on a trip in the wild commisioned with big money. This picture was taken in the quiet atmosphere of a reptile terrarium, the cricket was placed there on purpose for the shot and the salamander (as usual I am not sure if this is a salamander) did eat the poor animal. We paid a visit to a friend of us who's quite addicted to crawling creepy things and he gently showed me all of his "trophies". An offer I could not reject. I took some decent pictures and we sat at the table to eat paella trying to dismiss disgusting thoughts about slimy creatures in the next room.



Anonymous BIG scott said...

Bon Apetit! Yeah, I think the salamander (or whatever it is) ate the poor little cricket.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Carlos said...

-Thanks Big Scott for your words and visit.
-Thanks to my friend's correction today in the morning, I finally found out how terribly wrong I was when I mistook a Northern Velvet-tailed Gecko (Oedura castelnaui) for a salamander. See a good picture here

3:15 PM  
Blogger Chris & Deb said...

well I'm certainly no salamander, but yesterday's dish looks just a bit more appetizing....
Cool photo today!

5:07 PM  
Anonymous lapsus said...

Momento previo a un suculento manjar. Buena captura. Saludos

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Jump said...

Danger...Danger... Very cool capture :-)

10:17 AM  

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