Barcelona Photoblog: Bush in Flames

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bush in Flames

Bush in Flames

That is all there is to it, a pile of bush in flames. A huge amount of branches in fact, next to a country road. I thought it was beautiful so I pulled over and took the risk. But upon writing this post I realized the word "bush" was great not because of President Bush of course but because it is sadly an important keyword. So as I am also interested in SEO I decided to give it a try. Thanks to this a read something about the burning bush and the miracle of God in wikipedia, so you see some bushes have enriched my knowledge. I should explore variations of the word "fire", maybe "firing Bush" or "Bush Office is on fire". We could talk about search engine optimization some other time if you are interested of course. The photograph was taken on a hurry as we were on our way to lunch and besides it was burning hot!


  1. It's interesting to see how a spontaneous photograph can lead to more education. Good capture!

  2. The picture is well worth your stopping for it. But what really got me is your post. I was laughing so hard cos all kinds of 'bush' variations were running in my head. Here's one: The Bush Office should be fired. Or Bumbling Bush. Flaming Bush (but that's just nasty!) :)

    Please thank Joana again for me ok?

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    les fotos t'han quedat molt be, ja hem diràs com tu fas. semblen molt millor que al natural.
    Ens veiem el cap de setmana, no

  4. based on the title of your post I expected something political:) Maybe I wish to see Bush having red, burning face because of shame...

  5. -Indeed Kate! Not that I am really interested in the burning bush and the study of religion but I like to learn. A short piece of information associated to an image coming in your way maybe easier to hold than a whole memorized book. Thanks for raising the issue.
    -Of course I will Ed, I will tell her, though she is probably reading it. There are lots of play on words with Bush I guess. Thanks for suggesting those too ,)
    -Hola Kim, i tant que ens veurem!. Millor que al natural? em recordo perque em cremava una mica i estava concentrat darrera la camara. Moltes gracies per la teva visita.
    -Political it is, or maybe politically correct :)Thanks Zsolt

  6. Such a vibrant photo! Nice shot!

  7. :)
    Fire is so beautiful?? Unbelievable!! But i saw it now.
    About bush...its an interesting way to discuss about the words/politics....
    And in China, we never have chance to say the names of leaders so freely....i think I mentioned before, we cant type the name of our Chairman when I chatted with my friend on MSN: i typed, but she cant see....hehe, another world.

    shanghai daily photo

  8. In Australia, sometimes people (especially older ones) say "Flaming...." where "flaming is a more polite version of a better known swear word starting with F***ing" "Flaming Bush" may be just right!

  9. Captivating and hypnotic. A very textured and graphic presentation. Bravo!

  10. Wow Carlos!
    what a beautiful picture!
    I just love your styleeeee! Fire has some kind of magic stuff uh?
    Buen finde!


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