Barcelona Photoblog: Spanish Tapas: Tortilla or Spanish Omelette

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spanish Tapas: Tortilla or Spanish Omelette

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Barcelona is not very prone to bull fighting, sangrias, finos, manzanillas or anything that may sound too Spanish-like. But there is one thing that everyone tends to overlook in this excess of zeal: Spanish tapas or wine. Humm, those delicious plates full of olives with anchovies, fried squid, white anchovies in vinegar, tuna
balls or Spanish omelette in the picture. If you follow the tapas cook book link above you will find some recipes and good information about the history of tapas. I hope you can finish reading this post today without running to the kitchen and snatching a good bite of whatever thing edible.


  1. Oh Carlos I still have fond memories of your fantastic desert photo a little while ago so I'm delighted to see food again on the menu in Barcelona.
    Tortilla, que rica!

    Thanks for the delicacy!

  2. It looks delicious and yes, I will try to make it soon :)

  3. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Food. I asked one time on one of my blogs, what people ate for breakfast and was amazed at the answers I got. This photograph is very nice and the commentary is good to read too.

    720 Pixels

  4. No, no, ni mucho menos voy a salir corriendo... acabo de llegar de la sierra de celebrar un cumple con una gran y abundante barbacoa... choricitos, panceta, lomo, pinchitos morunos...mmmm y uf, ver una tortilla ahora... no es muy bueno para mí!!
    Viste mis minis? ;)

  5. You KNEW you would make us all froth at the mouth for these delicious tapas, didn't ya? It worked, but nothing in my kitchen can compare, so I shall have to visit you, or at least Barcelona to get my fix.


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