Barcelona Photoblog: Almond Tree Flowers in the Early Spring

Monday, March 5, 2007

Almond Tree Flowers in the Early Spring

Almond Tree Flowers in the Early Spring
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To start the new week a refreshing image of the fast upcoming spring: an almond tree as taken yesterday somewhere in Catalonia. Notice that the flowers are not mere blossoms but they are fully grown. It has been a spring day, a hot spring day in fact as I had to wear a T-shirt for a while. I hope these almond tree flowers give those of you enduring a bad weather something to dream on in the meantime. Hey, this is intended to make you happy not to make anybody feel envious!


  1. Ah, Carlos! It is indeed a happy photo. Beautiful subject!!

  2. They make me happy, Carlos! Gracias!

  3. really beautiful almond flowers!!
    thats why i like spring very much.
    Here lots of flowers are blooming some days before....but today its suddenly cold, hope theose flowers feel not so bad.
    thx, i love this spring photos.


  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    You have now totally different world
    than mine is.
    We get all the time more snow, that`s why I enjoy very, very much photos like that.
    Snowy winter is a fine thing, but I can say, that a little bit shorter winter could be enough to me.

    Thanks for flowers!

  5. Anonymous10:28 AM

    happy image ..Ours are blooming as well :)

  6. Buena imagen para empezar la semana, Carlos!
    Aunque la del líquen de ayer me gusta máaaas!! Es increíble ese color anaranjado!
    Un saludito! ;)

  7. Wow, this is gorgeous Carlos! I really love the colors! Makes me happy just to see them :)

  8. Definitely brightens the day here in Minneapolis! Thanks for sharing a bit of warmth!
    Beautiful photo...

  9. Absolutely lovely!

  10. Hello, this is nieves from Barcelona. I am allergic to almond trees. Yes, they are beautiful but I can't enjoy their beauty enough...

    Barcelona Bed and Breakfast

  11. Your blog grows more beautiful with time, and the photos even more exquisite. Love these almond flowers! I think you've got the right idea...tell a story to go with the photos for more comments. I've invited everyone over for Mai Tais on Maui today. :-)

  12. Spring is here!

    Definitely true for you! :-)

  13. Lush beyond striking - a sumptuous palette of color and art. One of your absolute best.


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