Barcelona Photoblog: Hotel Montecarlo at La Rambla, Barcelona

March 14, 2007

Hotel Montecarlo at La Rambla, Barcelona

Montecarlo Hotel at La Rambla, Barcelona

We will still explore La Rambla for some time so why not peek into one the hotels nearby just to show you how it feels when you can afford to pay for good accomodation in the city (money makes the difference). This is the entrance to Hotel Montecarlo at La Rambla, 124. And old palace from the XIX century completely restored. The building was the headquarters of the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona and some newspapers. It seems to be a wonderful hotel according to the good reviews I have read at Trip Advisor. For the time being I show you the entrance and the fabulous lamp (notice there is a different lamp in the picture at Hotel Montecarlo site). Which one do you prefer?

Update 2023: It seems that the place has been closed permanently. 
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