Barcelona Photoblog: Flower Stock Photography

March 22, 2007

Flower Stock Photography

Flower Stock Photography
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La Rambla again, I am standing in front of the flower stalls. I have always loved flowers but since I carry my Nikon and have a knack for photography I am even more fascinated by flashy colors, hues, nuances, palettes. I am fond of those with dark violet tones and the way they seem to absorb light into the flower (some kind of optical illusion I guess). In this shot even though I cropped a little I was not able to isolate one or two subjects to stand out from the background as would be recommended, although I still like the colors. I think at least it will grow my flower stock photography. Did you notice that a lot of photography fields and webs carry the word "stock"? Are you aware of well known sites such as Corbis, Istockphoto or Fotosearch hosting huge databases of images submitted by photographers. In some cases the process is fully professional and photography friendly but in many, marketing interests prevail. How many times have you uploaded a picture that meets all requirements and it has been shunned because it doesn't apply to the needs of clients. A family picture ends up looking like a TV ad and the picture of any object looks all of a sudden surgically aseptic. Now you understand what I meant by "my" flower stock photography.

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