Saturday, March 24

Mini Classic Cars: A Car Entrepreneur's Dream

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A '76 BL MINI 1000 MK-III, I believe, one of the famous mini classic car variants that remind me of Mr. Bean's mini. I recall those hilarious scenes where Mr Bean locked the car doors with a padlock or when he bumped into the same old rickety car to park his Austin mini and specially the episode about the death of his car. Minis have changed a lot over the years, and now you can even design your own at will (see here) but I still prefer vintage cars. This is a picture from my archives. It was taken at Auto Retro Barcelona (check Google labels below for more or see my Classic cars set at Flickr), a classic car exhibition at Fira de Barcelona in Montjuic. It was a delight to see these oldtimers so close and I stayed in the parking lot shooting. It was an event for classic car enthusiasts and dealers so I was thinking about starting a classic car loan company (collector car financing is becoming a big business nowadays) but suddenly I found out that the entrance fee to the venue was unaffordable.



Blogger Dsole said...

No te lo vas a creer pero esta mañana, bien tempranito he pasado por el Bernabeu (el estadio que tanto sé que te gusta) y había una quedada de minis!! guauuuu me encantan!! yo quiero uno!! pero de los antiguos, que son los autenticos! Al estilo Mr Bean, jejeje ;)
Que pases buen finde!

2:25 PM  
Blogger Pat said...

Carlos, that's a great photo! Love the Union Jack on the roof of that car!

My PAD and Guelph Daily Photo

5:44 PM  

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