Friday, June 15, 2007

Twisted Shapes: An Approach to Rebecca Horn's Sculpture

Twisted Shapes: An Approach to Rebecca Horn's Sculpture [enlarge]

This metallic cubic sculpture was made by the artist Rebecca Horn and it is a distinctive feature of La Barceloneta beach next to the quarter by the same name. Before showing my first photograph about this work I had seen it portrayed in a thousand ways. If you try to capture it as is, early or late during the day, when there is no one, it may look rather dull but the presence of people add up to the structure a little bit. It occurred to me that this man in that strange pose and the arched building maintained some ackward parallelism. On second thought now, I think that his fortune might be as twisted as the building itself, I just wish I was in a mistake. I remember someone said here that sometimes we tag people with our pictures without even knowing what their real conditions are. That is absolutely true.
You get a better idea in this Google Earth Map View of La Barceloneta Quarter and the tiny metallic sculpture by the beach.