Barcelona Photoblog: El Corte Ingles Department Store at Catalonia Square, Barcelona

Friday, June 8, 2007

El Corte Ingles Department Store at Catalonia Square, Barcelona

El Corte Ingles Department Store at Catalonia Square, Barcelona [enlarge]

This is El Corte Ingles at Plaça Catalunya or Catalonia Square, one of the most important department stores in Barcelona and Spain. El Corte Inglés was named after a shop specialised in children's tailoring in Madrid back in 1890. Ramón Areces Rodríguez founder of the company, bought the tailor's shop and made it a private limited company in 1934. In the 60s El Corte Inglés began its expansion as a chain of department stores, the number of establishments grew in Madrid and new centers were open in Barcelona (the one in the image), Seville and Bilbao. Later on, it covered most provincial capitals in Spain and started diversifying its activities with a travel agency, Viajes El Corte Inglés, S.A.; an insurance company, Seguros El Corte Inglés and a chain of hypermarkets, Hipercor. The group also runs Supercor S.A. (supermarkets), Opencor (24 hours convenience stores), IT services, Sfera (clothing chain) and Bricor (DYS stores). From the point of view of a client, my opinion is that their products are more expensive than the average but they counteract that with an extremely efficient customer service.


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Very impressive architecture. Wonderful blue sky. Its a very nice picture.

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Did you take that photo? It looks more like a computer render than a photo. I've never seen so few people in the area in my life. Isn't this a photoblog - a real photo blog?

  3. Thanks Frank. I appreciate your comment.
    Hi Anonymous friend, although you forgot the word "personal" photo blog I am going to give you clues for that emptiness. You are right it is pretty weird to see the place with only three or four people. If you enlarge the photo you will see the store is closed as that is the main entrance, people are wearing jackets so it was winter. I have edited the picture in Photoshop, the skies, brightness, contrast, sharpness, I even eliminated some branch on the upper left corner but please let me know how to eliminate a crowd of people walking on that sidewalk and square, maybe we can create a tutorial and raise some bucks. Resuming the first sentence this is my personal work and I like it. Thanks for helping me make this point.

  4. Anonymous11:18 PM

    No tutorial is needed for you as it appears that you know enough about altering photos. Way too much HDR, but that's just my opinion. Love the blog, Carlos.

  5. Respectable opinion it is. The fact that you drop by means that you care about the blog, I appreciate that. Way too much HDR? Well to evaluate that you need to go beyond the frontpage, I am not precisely the HDR kind. But I respect your opinion and stand for mind.


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