Barcelona Photoblog: Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together

Fishing sitting ducks at Tibidabo Amusement park
Ducks at Tibidabo amusement park

Of course if you intend to deepen into amusement parks you ought to deal with other fair attractions different from thrill rides, as it is the case of sideshows and side stalls.

Freak shows are something of the past now but you still have magic mirrors, fortune telling machines and classic string puppet shows in Tibidabo. As to the side stalls there is not much of a difference with other amusement parks.

This is the case of the rubber ducks. How many can you hook? Apparently easy if they only stopped moving for just one second!


  1. Carlos - striking color and composition with a funny subject. The sprinkles of intense color on the wall balance the sea of yellow well. More good work.


    St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

  2. This is a stunning photography!
    I've never seen rubber ducks in such crowds before. It seems so bloody easy to catch them!

    But it's the graphic quality of the photo that I like most.

  3. Excellent color and composition!

  4. This look just like the ducks they use for "duck races" at summer fetes and things throughout the UK. You need to have suitable river with a couple of bridges about a mile or so apart. People pay maybe a pound or two to have a duck in the race [they are all numbered] and on the day the whole lot are tossed over the side of the upstream bridge and the first to emerge under the downstream bridge is the winner.

  5. Madre mía esta foto es chulísima!!! Me encanta el amarillo! además me trae mogollón de recuerdos... hace tiempo que no veo ningún puestecillo de estos de pescar el patito... qué buena!!


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