Barcelona Photoblog: Massive Tourism in Barcelona?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Massive Tourism in Barcelona?

Massive Tourism in Barcelona? [enlarge]

Right under El peix d'or (Gold Fish) metallic sculpture, by Frank O.Ghery next to Hotel Arts, there is this small artificial pond or fountain where it has become customary for people to wade so as to alleviate the effect of the hot temperatures. In fact you generally see tourists doing this as they apparently are more affected by the humid weather in Barcelona. Not that I am against people relaxing by the fountain, not at least if you can admire living sculptures like these every now and then, but the heat, the sweat, the shabby appearance of a whole day by the beach (close by) and the massification of this area create a sudden feeling of being part of a surrealist dream, you know, with mirage effect included, thirst, dampness, a somewhat sick atmosphere that doesn't disappear till the next fall. I am exaggerating of course but those of you who have been here in the summer have gone through similar trances more than often. As you see there are pros and cons.


  1. Hotel Arts is a very, very, very surreal environment in itself. How about the wall around the side which has thousands of drinking glasses all stacked up?

    I went to a conference there. Good conference AWFUL hotel. It is disconnected and disjointed and difficult to find your way around. And the conference rooms are ALLL UNDERGROUND, so ther eis no natural light at all! Brown furnishings and yellow lights is my lasting impression.

    I couldn't afford to actually stay there so rented a cheap apartment in barceloneta, and had the pleasure of walkign back and forth every day. That was great, and I saw so much more of life than the people in suits who stayed in the hotel, and then went to an underground conference! BIZARRE!

    The garden in the hotel is quite nice - overshadowded by the Gehry sculpture. The pool area is another exercise in surrealism. Fat business people in white terry-towellign gowns lounge around, and a high wall protects them from any view of anything remotely like actual Barcelona!

  2. Lovely photo. We had snow here as late as June 6. In the village I just left, they got snow on Saturday; several inches of it from what I hear.

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Pros and cons......err yes, you are so right!

    I'm tracking the Great North Dog walk this week.

    South Shields Daily Photo

  4. Anonymous8:42 PM

    with a fauna like this, you should consider yourself lucky for two reasons: 1) if i could, i would build a fountain just to attract THIS kind of tourists
    2) it's a miracle if the whole male population of barcelona hasn't followed their exemple.

    jokes apart, great city and nice blog! see you!

  5. Anonymous8:43 PM

    and great team, of course!

  6. Love the way the guys look down on the girls below. They seem to be enjoying the view!!!

  7. I totally 'get' what you wrote as I often get that surreal vibe when I view certain places and people.

  8. I think you could entitle this

    The Waders and the Watchers


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