Barcelona Photoblog: Tibidabo Park: Tickles

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tibidabo Park: Tickles

Actor dusting a child's armpit during show at Tibidabo Amusement Park
Actor dusting girl's armpit at Tibidabo Amusement Park

Spontaneous scenes make the best shots, at least for me and if they include hilarious situations, much better. 

On a recent visit to Tibidabo, Barcelona's Amusement Park, I spotted this guy entertaining the crowd. His outfit looked great for a picture so I came up closer. I didn't expect him to suddenly rub this small girl's armpit with his colorful duster, that was really too much to ask.


  1. I agree, Carlos, spontaneous scenes are often the best. This one is brilliant!!!

    Loved your musings around the orange flowers a few days ago. You are so right! It's all about enjoying the moment.

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Neat. Funny too. I like it.

    Abraham Lincoln's kidney stone attack...
    I rolled on the floor, puked, screamed, and passed out. When I woke up the neighbor was gone.
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. wow, you really did capture a funny spontaneous moment. lucky you.

  4. Lindas fotografías, pagina llena de vida y color.


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