Barcelona Photoblog: Succulent Plants: Cactii Family and Friends

June 13, 2007

Succulent Plants: Cactii Family and Friends


From the animal realm in last post into the succulent plants: the cactii. Not specially related to Barcelona unless you speak about Mossen Costa i LLobera Gardens, which contain one of the largest cactii collections in Europe, and what's best, out of a greenhouse, due to the peculiar microclimate next to the cliff wall of Montjuic mountain. The peaceful place is facing Barcelona port so you have a privileged view of the city and at the same time a comfortable blend of blue sea and green cactii to enjoy. As to the image, partipation to identify this particular cactus is open. I love succulent plants not just because you have Agave from where you get Tequila but because they make quite a good subject for a photograph, not only from the point of view of textures but of composition as well. Take this case, would you say I am crazy if I said I see a family here, a group of imaginary people whispering among themselves. As you see they have some hallucinogen effects too. Don't worry I'll call the shrink myself
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