Barcelona Photoblog: Mediterranean Tomatoes

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mediterranean Tomatoes

Ripe and green tomatoes [enlarge]

There is nothing better than a good ripe tomato recently harvested. That is a fact. Probably one of the best products to illustrate the difference between your own orchard and big markets is a tomato. I don't know what happens along the way but the one we buy at the corner shop or at the supermarket is definitely different from the ones you grow yourself or buy on location directly to the farmer. This is what happens with this ripe tomato I captured at Monistrol market. It was a product from a small personal crop. Fresh healthy tomatoes with all the good properties mother nature gave them are an essential part of world known Mediterranean diet. You just need some olive oil, some green salad, some fish or meat, some red wine accompanied by some exercise to live longer among other things like luck!


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    perfect sharpness .. and i'm hungry ;-)

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    tu as raison! je pense encore avec émotion aux tomates du jardin de mon père! un petit peu plus mûre à mon gout !!!
    merci de ton vote !

  3. Oui plus mûre, c'est mieux. Merci à toi pour ta visite.

  4. Anonymous said:

    The pictures are beautiful, nice focus!!

    Carlos says: Thank you my friend.

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I've been to Barcelona in 1993 but I still remember the tomato I ate there. Great shot!

  6. Thanks yz. Wonderful shots you make.

  7. favorite..I only hope I canned enough to make it until next summer when it is finally ripe in the garden...we cheat here and start our tomatoes in greenhouses very early in the year, and have races to see who has the first edible fruit. Some of us are known as garden snots because we refuse to eat the cardboard that is sold in the stores, and can ourselves silly in the productive months :-)

  8. Well "canned" in advance is always better than storing them on freezers or picking them up too green or using lots of products on them and a long etc. I am sure I would be happy to buy from so called "garden snots" :)

  9. Anonymous7:42 PM

    está para pegarle mordisco!!
    buen macro!!

  10. Anonymous12:06 AM

    se'm fa la boca aigua... el meu tomàquet del jardí aqui :


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