Barcelona Photoblog: Where Do All the Lonely People Go?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Where Do All the Lonely People Go?

Lonely elders in poverty at Barcelona
Where do lonely people go? Those who seldom know a shelter of their own. Where do lonely people go? Those who left for good one day slamming the door Where do all those homeless people go? All those forgotten by their sons Where do all those shipwrecks repose? Banished castaways on nowhere land Where do all desperate bodies rest when the mind abandons every hope? What becomes of them when all is lost but death refuses their requests? Why are there such limbos upon Earth? What kind of vicious fate can take you there? What were they? Who were they? How do you know it is not your turn? How can you tell? I see a bunch of kids playing in the park, laughing. What horrendous scheming decides who's gonna be next?


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    cool street shot

  2. nice text and great picture, i like how you managed to portray this lonely man beneath the palm tree and how he is just there drinking his strella, holding his mullet!

  3. Thanks Klaus
    Gracias, si que tiene un aire :)
    Tashi, thanks. Gracias. I try to find a story behind every day scenes. Sometimes they don't fit at all and some others a little bit. Thanks for making a reflection on that.

  4. What poignant commentary to accompany the striking photo, Carlos. Very special.

    I just visited one of my favorite blogs to find that Di (the author) is about to fly to Barcelona! She says any and all suggestions about traveling there are welcome. I left a comment with a link to your blog. Perhaps you might want to visit Di's blog before she flies to your beautiful city. Cut/paste this link:

  5. I wonder the same thing everyday when i see old men and homeless men , sometimes I try block the thoughts and dismiss the truth out there but other times I really do feel quite sad at the turns their lives have take, beautiful shot
    I am coming to Barcelona in January and your photos have had me so excited to see what this City has in store for me.

  6. -Thanks for the link Lydia and your comment.
    -Barcelona has many faces and I am sure you can get the most of it. January is "cold" but there's a magical atmosphere in winter nights in the city. Activities there are plenty all year long. Each season has its good things but it is better not to be in the very hot summer. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

  7. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Enfin seul! Quel bonheur et quel calme! belle image

  8. Ca cette une bonne interprétation de mon photo. Merci beaucoup.

  9. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Very nice streetphotography!
    Beautiful text as well!

  10. Thanks Tim. Thanks for all the nice comments.

  11. Fate, karma, terrible decisions made in haste, by the self or others...It pains my eyes to see them,especially when traveling to large cities where they become ornamentation, losing the humanity they were once born with.
    It is difficult some days to remain within the constrains of our societies and not want to scream.

  12. I wouldn't have found better words. You are damn right, they become ornamentation in the end and makes you want to scream out of pure impotence.


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