Friday, April 6

Blood Sausage: Botifarra Negra

Blood Sausage: Botifarra Negra
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More on Catalan sausages. The most common products are the white sausage (botifarra blanca) which requires only meager meat, the blood sausage (botifarra negra) with fat and blood and fuet, a thin, cured dry sausage. Blood botifarras are later boiled, fried or grilled and served for lunch accompanied by salad, pork meat and red wine. I have to thank people from Vallverd d'Urgell, Lleida who gently allowed me to take pictures, witness the poor pig slaughter or matanza and invited me for a succulent lunch.



Blogger Terra-Vecchia said...

il ne manque plus que les migliacci, quelques canistrelli, quelques panzarotti, une petite myrthe...

2:30 AM  
Blogger Abraham Lincoln said...

The sausage looks good enough to eat.
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12:27 PM  
Blogger The Toronto Team said...

I'm a meat eater, and even though these would not appeal to everyone, they look delicous to me!

2:12 PM  
Blogger RennyBA said...

Never been to Barcelona but would have loved to go there.
The sausage looks delicious. In Norway when I was a kid, we often had blood pudding for dinner.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

My family has been very big on this delicacy; however, I never could quite find an appetite for it. Great picture, tho. I know some members of my family would salivate over this photo.

12:43 AM  

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