Barcelona Photoblog: The Wall Walk in Girona, Catalonia

April 08, 2007

The Wall Walk in Girona, Catalonia

The Wall Walk in Girona, Catalonia
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The city walls dating from early medieval times are a good place to enjoy a privileged view of Girona. The point where I am right now is the longest stretch conserved and can be reached from the JardĂ­ d'InfĂ ncia, on the banks of the Onyar river which I will show you tomorrow. I know that this personal photoblog should concentrate on Barcelona but I consider it fit sometimes to include other provinces inside Catalonia so you have the chance to get an idea of the cities and towns you can visit once in Barcelona. Girona is 103 Km North East of Barcelona, on the way to France. Sometimes it is cheaper to fly to Girona which is near Costa Brava or the Pyrenees and has good road connections with the capital of Catalonia. Here are some airlines that operate a flight to Girona Spain. Girona is the city with the fastest growing population in the last decade (28,5%). Recommended: A walk through the narrow streets of the historic Jewish quarter or any of the monuments mentioned here. A list of some important hotels in Girona.

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