Barcelona Photoblog: Ninot Market, Barcelona: Fresh Mediterranean Food

April 21, 2007

Ninot Market, Barcelona: Fresh Mediterranean Food

Ninot Market, Barcelona: Fresh Mediterranean  Food
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The Mercat del Ninot (Ninot Market), is one of the best places to buy fresh food in Barcelona and worth the visit if you appreciate the benefits of healthy Mediterranean cuisine products. This renown traditional market, located in Mallorca, 135 between Casanovas and Villarroel streets, has more than a 100 years of history behind. It was inaugurated in 1894 as an open space in Les Corts, that was back then, a town out of Barcelona. In 1933 it was remodeled and covered with a big metal roof to give it the look that we can admire at present. The name Ninot comes from a small ship's figurehead located on the fa├žade of a famous tavern that sold the best wine in the area. The figure can still be seen in the Drassanes Naval Museum of Barcelona. The place is very big so I decided to show you one of the fruit stalls, called Natura't which belongs to Luis, a friend of mine! Wanna try the best fruit in Barcelona, grab his strawberries or his pineapples, simply exquisite. Here is another shot of the Ninot Market and a link to the official site which is in Catalan only.

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