Barcelona Photoblog: Bank of Sabadell Diagonal - Balmes, Barcelona

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bank of Sabadell Diagonal - Balmes, Barcelona

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This is the emblematic Banco Atlantico building, as seen from carrer Balmes in the city of Barcelona, which The Banco Sabadell Group acquired from Arab Banking Corporation. SabadellAtlántico was then adopted as the brand name of the commercial bank for the whole of Spain. This Bank of Sabadell branch is as we said before established in what used to be Banco Atlantico, a high-rise building, in fact the first skyscraper built on Diagonal Avenue. With its 83 meters and 23 floors it has a privileged view of the city which is not too tall. Construction of Banco Atlántico was completed in 1969 by architects Francisco Mitjans Santiago and Santiago Balcells. I hope you enjoyed watching Balmes street and the combination of old and relatively new architecture.
Now to relax a little bit after such a boring litany on banking I leave you with todays' recommended link. This time a humorous video. Maybe you have seen it before, it's about music, classical and modern. I say no more, please watch: Pachelbel Rant


  1. You make Barcelona look very appealing in your photos!

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    For some reason your photo would not open for me today. I tried in IE and Firefox. I am sure it is just as beautiful as all your photos are.

    I came to thank you for visiting my blog, yesterday, and for your comments about Patty's last radiation treatment. She was so pleased that I heard from so many people, including Eric, and I know it made her day extra-special. She was also surprised that some of you also visited her blog and left comments there. So thank you for your visit and comments. Being new to the community, it was a big surprise to us. Thanks again.

    Abe and Patty Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    a mi sempre em costa que els edificis em quedin be.....sobre tot rectes¡¡¡

  4. I beautiful street. I like the contrast of the old buildings against the modern tower. Looks like a colourful place to be.

  5. La verdad es q es un edificio curioso , pero.. un poco feo ¿no? me gustan más los de balconcitos...
    No tienes ninguna foto del rascacielos nuevo? el que tiene forma de..... cohete? Aun no lo he visto por tu blog ;)

  6. I guess the best thing about this building is the views of the city.


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