Barcelona Photoblog: Garden Flowers: Orchids

April 10, 2007

Garden Flowers: Orchids

Orchids in Barcelona

As you know I am not precisely a flower connoisseur but I can't help taking pictures of them in any context. This time I got these orchids for you. I spotted a nice bunch of them in a jar at the house of one of my friends' grandmother.

Notice the white wall which gave me a good neutral background. I couldn't get rid of all the noise but it looks nice in this medium size. Don't forget to follow the link and learn about Orchidaceae family.

You can read things like: "The term 'orchid' derives from the Greek ορχις orchis, meaning "testicle", from the appearance of subterranean tuberoids of the genus Orchis" or "One orchid genus, Vanilla, is commercially important, used as a foodstuff flavoring, the source of vanilla. The underground tubers of terrestrial orchids are ground to a powder and used for cooking, such as in the hot beverage salep or the so-called "fox-testicle ice cream" salepi dondurma".

Here is a nice selection of flower shops in Barcelona via @TimeOut
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