Barcelona Photoblog: Catalan Art Nouveau: Modernist House at Colonia Guell

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Catalan Art Nouveau: Modernist House at Colonia Guell

Catalan Art Nouveau: Modernist House at Colonia Guell

We return to architecture. Weird, innovative, futuristic art nouveau architecture. This is not precisely the house of my dreams although I would like to have one of my own with my own garden, my own garage and my own privacy.

Scattered across the neighborhood in the heart of old Colonia Güell, the textile industrial community run by Gaudi's mentor Eusebi Güell, there are modernist houses like this who belonged in most cases to distinguished citizens in the village. Although the workers' houses aren't that bad either.

I guess living in this place which is still inhabited must be quite an advantage since it must be protected by official institutions that want to preserve Catalan cultural patrimony. Real estate business has gone wild nowadays in Spain and particularly in Barcelona so finding a tiny, take-it-or-leave-it apartment is an adventure and a life term bleeding contract.

Having a lot with a brick house like the one in the picture would imply selling your soul to the devil.


  1. You've included lots of wonders with this post. The building is most impressive, the photos in the Kansas City blog are very good, and the spirals are awesome. I'm going back for more!!

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Beautiful achitecture. Very interesting building, nice captured.

  3. Carlos, I can't believe there are people living there!

    La foto chulísima, como siempre!
    Ayer pasé por el blog de Kansas y tb tienen unas fotos muy guapas.
    Yo he pegado un estirón.. ya me dirás que te parece ;9

  4. Again, I'm rewarded with a spectacular photograph and a great insight to your country. I love coming here Carlos.

    I've recently finished a book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon called The Shadow of the Wind. Thanks to you, I've been able to envision much of the scenery described in it's pages, which made an already excellent story even more wonderful.

  5. really nice photos!

    I fuon your blog interesting, i'm coming to Barcellona for the second time and i can't wait to see this city again.

  6. Anonymous1:38 PM

    This is an interesting photograph and it reminded me of the "Corn Palace" in South Dakota -- building covered in ears of corn and represents a theme each year.

    I really like your photograph.

    Today I show my wife, of 52 years, and President Bush's jet that is carrying his automobiles.

    Abraham Lincoln

  7. Amazing legacy Guell left. This place looks fantastic!

  8. Gorgeous house, wouldn't mind living in that! Bricks are so exotic for me right now, no many here in land of earthquakes!!! One thing I always miss from home (england), the bricks!! Love looking at your blog, shall be in Barcelona this summer, so its like a warm up for me!! Thank you, Esther

  9. Ohhh I'm so excited I found your blog again, I lost it changeing my computer.. I love your photos, I fell in love with Barcelona when I visited last year, you pics brings me back there, brilliant..
    Thanks for the fantastic photos....

  10. That is an interesting building. I'm surprised it's a modernist construction. I thought it would be older.

  11. That's a strange architecture, new, but on the other hand, adapting some of old styles.


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