Wednesday, April 18

Fresh Spring Flowers Online From Barcelona, Spain

Fresh Spring Flowers Online From Barcelona, Spain
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Fresh spring flowers for my stock. My online collection is growing so fast that soon I will be able to open a separate photoblog for flower plants. No need to call 1800 numbers to order a bouquet. Come around here every other day and I'll give you your daily dose of colorful flowers in between stones and landscapes. This time I found these strong pink specimens with pointed fleshy leaves and well defined petals. Here is a good list of flowers you can use to help me find the name. I know some of you are real experts so I count on you. I wish I could give you tips on how to plant bulbs for the new season but I can't possibly be more ignorant on the matter.



Blogger Abraham Lincoln said...

Have no idea. I grow flowers and know a lot about them but this one just looks like a daisy and probably isn't.

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12:03 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

From the fleshy leaves, it looks like a kind of portulaca. But the flower is not the shape I am used to. See here:

4:13 PM  

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