Barcelona Photoblog: Bascule Bridge La Porta d'Europa, Barcelona Port


Monday, April 23, 2007

Bascule Bridge La Porta d'Europa, Barcelona Port

Bascule Bridge La Porta d'Europa at Barcelona Port
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La Porta d'Europa is a basculant mobile bridge at the entrance to the port of Barcelona by Juan Jose Arenas de Pablo, Profesor PhD. of Special Structures of Design at the University of Cantabria in Santander City. He is also known by other famous works like the The Bridge of the Barqueta (main entry of the EXPO-SEVILLA 92), The Bridge of HispanoAmerica in the City of Valladolid as well as The Cathedral of The Wines in Navarra. The Porta d'Europa bridge insures traffic between island (due to increasing traffic volumes a new harbour entrance has been built and part of the port becomes an island) and mainland while retaining the existing harbour entrance. State port authorities are incorporating private investment to enlarge the docks facilities, maximize maritime foreign trade of Catalonia and make Barcelona harbour a world class port that responds to Europe's increasing need for transport, distribution and logistic services. If you want to see the bridge from this perspective take the Las Golondrinas sightseeing ships at Moll de la Fusta. This is a Google Earth aerial photograph of La Porta D'Europa Bridge in Barcelona Port.
Note: Today is St. George's Day or Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Men are supposed to give women a flower and sometimes a book and viceversa with no flower of course :).


  1. Okay, Carlos, so where's my flower?

    The bridge photo is awesome. Bridges are getting some good press recently; just read about different bridges in last Sunday's newspaper. PS. If not a flower, I'll accept a book--on photography, of course.

  2. Feliz San Jordi, Carlos!!

    uhm... y Kate tiene razón eh? ya puedes empezar a repartir regalitos!! :)

    Un puente muy impresionante... aquí como no tenemos mar... sólo un río que a ver si cuando terminen las obras vuelve a existir, que anda el pobre agonizando con tanta excavadora! ;) Un saludito!


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