Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Human Statues in La Rambla de Barcelona: Biker

Human Statues in La Rambla de Barcelona: Biker
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Human Statues in La Rambla de Barcelona really have an astonishing imagination. How do you dig a bearded man in a thick suit looking like Uncle Sam or ZZ Top, escorted by two skinny companions (two skeletons) that pedal along with him in unison?. A lot has been said in Barcelona Photoblog about street artists, statues in La Rambla de Barcelona and their predominant role in broadcasting a good image of the city. I recently installed a technorati searchlet on my sidebar where you can browse my blog to get all tag related posts; there is also the new swicki (still being trained). So why not entering "street artist". I suggest you use the same Google label below today's image. Of course you can always visit my Street Artists photoset at Flickr. Better than that? Come to Barcelona for Easter and watch them live!


  1. honestly to say, i like his suits, i mean the colour of the suits. and the statue reminds me some word: thriller. I like to watch movies. I noticed nowadays "thriller" seems to be a key word of our world now, from China to Hollywood. But I prefer some warm and love stories.

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  2. ha, looks very much like uncle sam! what fine details and your photo shows it off fantastically!


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