Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Heron City: Neon Palm Trees

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Barcelona Heron City: Neon Palm Trees

Barcelona Heron City: Neon Palm Trees
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This is a detail of Barcelona Heron City, a big shopping center in Nou Barris district. I have shown you some other images about this leisure complex that I usually visit when I go to the movies (today we saw Night at the Museum). As my photo stock keeps diminishing I took my camera just in case. We stepped out of the cinema, and the first thing I saw were these red neons on those atrezzo palm trees. No sooner I shot them and got my eye out of the viewfinder, two ex-disco goons now acting as shop private guards came to me and said, "hey, you can shoot people but not panos of Heron City. What's wrong with taking pictures of a shopping center anyway? Well guys I think you should read this item of news: Gerald Ronson, the developer has agreed a deal with Australian investment firm Babcock & Brown to sell Heron City in Barcelona, its flagship leisure and retail scheme, for around €140m (£95m).

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  1. That's the way the cookie crumbles this day and age...You might remember that the Rockefeller Center in NYC was sold to the Japanese at one time...
    Still don't understand why you can't take pictures there - are the Australians camera shy? ;-)))

    (btw - we are so sypatico, Carlos - my post today deals with Herons, too!)


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