Barcelona Photoblog: Defying Gravity on a BMX

Friday, January 26, 2007

Defying Gravity on a BMX

Defying Gravity on a BMX
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I wish I had more time to post-process this image. I dismissed the original soft colors and decided to work with tritones, an orange/gray/black combination in fact, using the BW Workflow Pro plugin by Fred Miranda in Photoshop. I would have made it more contrasty but it was late and I could hear my bed calling me from the other room. You know the scene already from a previous post this month so there is no need to resume the BMX topic. In this one I liked the look of those kids on the right, with that mixture of desdainful look and secret admiration towards the skillful fellow so I moved the main subject further to the left on purpose.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Boys are looking very intensively at him. I think , you could get many interesting face photos from them :)

    Greetings from the middle of snow,
    biking is here now an adventure even on usual roads :)

  2. Te quedó fantástica!!
    Lo has congelado en todo lo alto... genial! and like they say in english... Great action photo! ;)

  3. Anonymous10:40 PM

    This is a very interesting shot. Lots and lots to look at.

  4. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Perfect! You got him in midair, all right.

  5. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Great timing, getting him up there!


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