Barcelona Photoblog: Lonely Bike at Barcelona Beach

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lonely Bike at Barcelona Beach

Lonely Bike at Barcelona Beach
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Another one for the road. This time we've got a solitary bike chained to the railings overlooking Bogatell beach, one of the many small sandy inlets separated by piers along Barcelona coast. As you probably know, for many years our city ignored the sea as a leisure spot, and the many industries, warehouses or fishermen's barracks acted as a curtain that kept the shore away from citizens.


  1. Carlos, in the summer, is the surf calm enough to swim? I know in California, summer is a dangerous time to swim because the waves are very strong.

  2. Me encanta el tono de la foto! Y me encantaria también tener playa cerquita de Madrid!! Pero estaría súper sucia, estoy segura... siempre hemos tenido río y prácticamente ha estado en el olvido... bueno ahora está medio camuflado con los lodos de las obras de la M30 (:S) A ver como queda la obra faraónica, chao!

    Lovely photo!
    You gave it this kind of "oldness", great! I'm so jelaus of BCN citizens.. hope we had beach here too... Although I'm sure we'd live back to it too... well I wouldn't ;)

  3. It's funny how places turned their backs on the sea, isn;t it. Until about 20 years ago, Bondi (possibly one of the best known beaches in the world) was a low-rent down and out area noone except a few boheminas wanted to live in! Now a million dollars will hardly buy you a shoe box.

    I love Barceloneta because it retains an authentic character, but fear that will change inevitably.

  4. I fear Sally is right - big changes are coming to Barcelona's waterfront. I know you can't stop progress, but at what cost?

    Wistful photo.

  5. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I've learned a lot here today. I had no idea.

    I like how the wave is just cresting.

  6. Hi Carlos,

    I'm feeling pretty good after a stiff half hour walk in the cold air outside. I just feel that this would look better with no people at all in the picture, what do you think?

    Curly's Photoshop


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