Barcelona Photoblog: Pageants: The Letter Bearers

January 08, 2007

Pageants: The Letter Bearers

Letter Bearer in Three Wise Men parade or Cabalgata de Reyes
Letter Bearer in Three Wise Men Parade aka Cavalcada de Reis in Barcelona

While standing with my family in the middle of the crowd and watching the Three Wise Men parade (sp. Cabalgata de Reyes or cat. Cavalcada de Reis) last Friday, I caught this beautiful pageant and through the viewfinder I noticed that face and that magic feeling you get when your model's eyes pierce through your lens and get into your mind and soul, I can't tell what it is, maybe it is just beauty or spiritual harmony. 

After I shot and lowered my camera I was rewarded with the spontaneous smile of the letter bearer or was it an angel?.
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