Barcelona Photoblog: Tours of Barcelona: Park Guell, A Visionary's Whim

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tours of Barcelona: Park Guell, A Visionary's Whim

Park Guell Serpentine benches

Like the water that flows through these small gargoyles or spouts connected to a gutter, visitors of all kinds come and go as part of the many Tours of Barcelona to enjoy the architectural design of a master applied to the natural environment of the mountain, in other less pompous words, Park Guell, the whim of a visionary architect, Antonio Gaudi, who was commissioned by Eusebi Güell i Bacigalupi, Count, textile industry businessman, art patron and friend.

Following the Count's idea he was supposed to build a luxury garden city made of private plots surrounded by common greens, based upon a British model by Ebenezer Howard thus the name Park and not Parc as in Catalan. The project was interrupted in 1914. Only three plots had been sold from a total amount of 60. The estate was sold in 1918 by Eusebi's heirs to the city council and became a public park.

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  1. effects give to the pic a special view... great angle too!!!

    your blogg always is so good!!!

    have a great weekend carlos ^.^

  2. Beautiful framing... and the treatment works wonderfully!

  3. every picture you post makes me dream of returning to barcelona one day!

  4. Great picture. We plan a trip to Barcelona this spring, so this is like a preview for us.

  5. Carlos,

    Came upon your site randomly, as I just returned from Barcelona last week. The effects on your pics are so friggin' cool! Love 'em!

    ~ Rich


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