Barcelona Photoblog: Wise Men of the East Arrive in Barcelona

January 06, 2007

Wise Men of the East Arrive in Barcelona

The Three Wise Men or Three Kings in Barcelona
Biblical Magi or Wise Men arriving in Barcelona

The Three Wise Men of the East, or Magi, or Three Kings of the Orient arrived in Barcelona this afternoon at six o'clock by ship and landed in our city harbor.

Caspar of Tarsus, Melchior of Persia and Balthasar of Saba who originally followed a star to Israel in search of the newborn Christ Child to offer him gold, incense and myrrh, were seen escorted by an entourage of diligent pageants and elegant camels packed with thousands of presents for kids who had been waiting anxiously all day long.

Nevertheless, those presents cannot be seized immediately by children as they should appear by magic inside their houses once they are asleep. It is recommended that some sweets and water are set conveniently somewhere outdoors for the exhausted camels.
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