Barcelona Photoblog: The Friend of a Friend

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Friend of a Friend

The Friend of a Friend - Larger animal if you click
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Africa is her name, and she is my friends' new best friend. We don't have pets ourselves except for a farm she-rabbit and a couple of parakeets (one of them born here at home). My daughter goes nuts about having a dog so they let us have it a whole day last Christmas. The use of the flash so close gave the little animal this sort of David Bowie eyes so I thought you would like it. Awaiting for my next photo excursion I am experimenting with the camera at home as you can see. Odd enough I haven't taken any pictures of Barcelona streets in two weeks in spite of the holidays. I hope this somehow "reloads my batteries" for another year but don't worry, that doesn't mean I dont' have any in stock. As to the doggie, you know the breed alright, the quiet and lazy kind!...


  1. Qué mono!! yo solo tengo un ratoncillo (Pérez) y ya es todo un logro mantenerlo en mi casa...
    un saludito y a recargarlas las pilas!!

    madrid dailyphoto blog

  2. Dear Carlos, your photos are great. I live near Barcelona and work near a location from a lot of your photos :)

    Your photos give me a good reminder to always see Barcelona in different perspective than my daily routine, thank you for that...

  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I can understand your daughter, when I see this little dog!
    You can show my dog to your daughter


    I hope this link is working. It`s my post 12.September, 2006

    Greetings to your daughter!

  4. Does Bowie have 2 different-colored eyes?
    Cute bugger!

  5. I want a dog for a pet too. But living in an apartment in the city makes it difficult to have one. Plus I want to travel a lot this next two years or so. Maybe when I turn 40. :-0


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