Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Icecream Greed: Diet Followers Please Refrain

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Barcelona Icecream Greed: Diet Followers Please Refrain

Barcelona Icecream Greed: Diet Followers Please Refrain [enlarge]

Weight loss diet followers please refrain. This is an icecream shop at Libreteria street (see pic on map at page bottom). Creamy, fat rich, sweet and delicious icecreams are part of the special food program in the city for those sinful gluttons I mentioned in the last post, that is, for Barcelonians struggling to look like Brat Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon, all in one, but are more likely to resemble Marlon Brando, in the last years of his life. It is almost winter now so don't rush for icecreams unless you live South, of course!. "Oh, shut up Hyde!" - said Jekyll again.


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hola Carlos! Tengo una pregunta. Do you mean to post this on the 21st of October or is something going on with your blog's calendar? Estoy curiosa.

    Pero tu foto me hace tener hambre! Lo siento por mi espanol. Necesito practicar.

    Norwich Daily Photo
    Your Love Coach

  2. I am glad you ask me that. First, your Spanish is good. Second, I am about a week behind schedule. Not publishing daily is against my policy, so I will get uptodate soon by publishing 7 or 8 pictures in a row. I understand about topic incongruity but I think it is not determinant as to content. But yes it is awkward.

  3. dois excelente posts.

    Também quero.

  4. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Hmmmm, looks very delicious!

  5. Gimmee! Gimmee! I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream.

  6. OH, Carlos!

    I gave up eating things laden with white sugar about 18 months ago. . .When we were in the Barri Gotic in Barcelona last month, we walked by a window similar to this one, and my resolve went out the window. I figured one little pastry wouldn't kill me, especially since Europeans don't use as much sugar as Anericans do. By the way, I did really savor those 10 minutes off the wagon!


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