Barcelona Photoblog: Olympic Stadium on Montjuic Hill: An Inside View

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Olympic Stadium on Montjuic Hill: An Inside View

Olympic Stadium on Montjuic Hill: An Inside View [enlarge]

The Olympic Stadium, where Barcelona 1992 Games famous opening and closing ceremonies took place is part of the Olympic Ring that is also made up of Palau Sant Jordi, the National Institute of Physical Education, Picornell swimming pools, a new baseball field, another pool, an enormous square and Santiago Calatrava's telecommunications tower. These facilities are on Montjuic hill that is topped by Montjuic castle, an old fortress facing the entrance to Barcelona port. Check my new Google Map of Barcelona at the bottom of the page to have a general view of the mountain.

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  1. awesome perspective, i like this one

  2. wow looks so great too bad i was still young during the barcelona olympic. but i hope to cath thats opening in youtube.

  3. Também visitei, muito bonito.

    Não sei se o Carlos é adepto do Barcelona, mas na minha opinião muito mais bonito do que o do Barcelona. Estou a falar em termos esteticos claro.

  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Is this where Espanyol play Carlos?
    By the way I've "tagged" you, sorry it means a little bit of work!

  5. Great perspective, Carlos! We went back to Montjuic a second time so we would be able to see the stadium more closely. It is quite inspiring!!


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