Barcelona Photoblog: Sant Pol de Mar, Maresme Coast near Barcelona

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sant Pol de Mar, Maresme Coast near Barcelona

Sant Pol de Mar-View of railroad and the sea, Maresme Coast near Barcelona

Sant Pol de Mar is a small town of strong Mediterranean flavor, with white houses that adapt to the gentle slopes on the hills of Maresme coast.

In Catalan, there are two names for English name Paul, one is Pau and the other is Pol. Sant Pol celebrates one of its most important festivities on January 25th, which is St Paul's day.

Of all the beaches on Maresme Coast, Sant Pol is one of the cleanest and most attractive for tourists and locals alike. It is a very quiet town which I recommend to visit.

Today's picture was taken from the upper part of town and it shows as you see the train station and railroads. You can go from here to Barcelona or vice versa in 40 minutes all along the coast. There is a very well known restaurant which is a must visit: Carme Ruscalleda's Sant Pau


  1. Very nice picture; the scenery from the train must be gorgeous.

  2. Adoro esta fotografia.


  3. What a beautiful coastline and a beautiful photo!!

  4. Never seen a city picture with railway line on the beach coast. beautiful picture.

  5. Never seen a picture like this before. A railway line next to a beach coast, This is wonderful.


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