Barcelona Photoblog: Cogwheels and Pebbles Abstraction, Mirador del Alcalde, Barcelona

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cogwheels and Pebbles Abstraction, Mirador del Alcalde, Barcelona

Cogwheels and Pebbles, Mirador del Alcalde [enlarge]

Before you ask yourself what on earth this is, let's place the image in some context. It is a detail of the walk along Mirador del Alcalde (The Mayor's lookout) which was restored last January. The adornments were there already so that's why you may notice some erosion which in turn makes the picture look a bit dull. Anyway, the combination of cogwheels and pebbles seems interesting enough to show here. Please check this old post to enjoy the view from this mirador, one of the most privileged places in the area to enjoy Barcelona from above: Panoramic view of Barcelona. Maybe this one is better: View from Mirador del Alcalde


  1. It doesn't look dull at all, and I love this walk!

  2. Anonymous2:53 AM

    i love it too & hope to show it to some fellow gardeners - would be a great addition to the herb patio!

  3. Love it! What wonderful design and detail.

  4. Thanks Hilda!
    Thanks Deborah. Great idea.
    Thanks Lydia for your kindness.


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