Barcelona Photoblog: Passatge de Bacardi, Placa Reial, Barcelona

May 26, 2009

Passatge de Bacardi, Placa Reial, Barcelona

Passatge de Bacardi, Placa Reial, Barcelona [enlarge]

Pla├ža Reial is one of the must-see squares in Barcelona by many reasons. Because of the restaurants and bars, the night life, the music, the shade offered by the wonderful archways, the magnificent architecture, the palm trees. But one of the most interesting features to enjoy is the nearby hidden passages. This one is called Passatge de Bacardi and you can find it upon entering the square turning right. It has an exit to La Rambla so it is possible to enter the passage in direction to the square instead of using the main access to Plaza Real. When you see the map you will have a better idea. The image has some noise. I did all my best to rescue it. I was worried about capturing the nuns and I couldn't control that strong light coming through the glass ceiling so the walls went too dark.
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