Barcelona Photoblog: Send Flowers For Mothers Day 2007

Friday, May 4, 2007

Send Flowers For Mothers Day 2007

Send Flowers For Mothers Day 2007
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On the first Sunday of May we in Barcelona and the whole of Spain celebrate Mothers Day. Unlike the United States, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Belgium just to mention some of the countries that celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday, we will be busy till next May 6th trying to find a good present, writing a beautiful postcard, stealing the most precious flowers from our neighbors or looting the nearest park (hey this is just a joke!). Many of my visitors' mothers will have to wait until next week, some others already got their present as it is the case of the UK, but the important thing is that we all think of that very important person in your life and buy her a nice bouquet or at least a small bunch of flowers like the ones in my picture.
Note: This also includes surrogate mothers, mothers-in-law, stepmothers, mothers-to-be, adoptive mothers, etc. Find a good quote here but try to write your own card or poem for Christ sake!


  1. Carlos, thank you! I will accept your bouquet as a preview to our Mothers Day celebration on the 13th. And, I thank you for encouraging original poetry. You do have a soul of a poet yourself!

  2. You are welcome Kate. With thy praisal words my most vulgar misdemeanors seem to vanish in the haze. Pluck a handful, be my guest, ye gentle rose. May these flowers give you bliss forevermore.

  3. Carlos, qué foto más bonita!!
    Podría ser por sí misma un buen regalo!! :)
    Me alegro de q lo pasaras bien, yo al final no me fui a Toledo, pero estuve en la sierra de barbaoca... mmmm ;) Y sí, tienes que colgar algunas fotos madrileñas en el flirck ese o como se diga, que seguro te quedaron chulísimas!! Esto impaciente por verlas! Un saludo, y buen finde!

  4. Thanks for reminding everybody. Mothers all over the world will appreciate it!

  5. Anonymous6:13 AM

    en France,la Fête des Mères a lieu le dernier dimanche de mai;
    mais cette année,c'est aussi la Pentecôte...
    alors,exceptionnellement, ce sera le dimanche 3 juin.
    bonne fête à toutes!

  6. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Very nice of you, Carlos, thank you!
    Also we celebrate a mother`s day on the second Sunday of May.

    Greetings from Joensuu to you and your family! Mimmu

  7. Thanks my friends, Gracias Dsole. Si llego a saber que estabas te digo algo pero no tenía internet todo el día. Yo estuve en Becerril de la Sierra comiendo. Era un día raro con mucho aire pero me comí un arroz con bogavante de chuparse los dedos. Me lo pasé muy bien por tu tierra. Un abrazo. Las fotos pronto cuando las adereze un poco.
    To ramblinground and leena, thanks you, I appreciate your kind comments. Merci beaucoup Janet.


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