Barcelona Photoblog: Seaside View of the Solar Panel at Barcelona Forum

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Seaside View of the Solar Panel at Barcelona Forum

Seaside View of the Solar Panel at Barcelona Forum

This is a view of the huge solar panel overlooking the Forum esplanade, as seen from the sea while onboard one of Las Golondrinas, the sightseeing boats navigating both in the harbour and along the coast. Once you reach the Forum area it is time to turn around and navigate back. You never lose sight of this colossal piece of architecture. As the small boat is too far away to compare with the panel and get an idea of its true size I recommend you enlarge the picture and check those tiny people walking under the 10,500-m2 surface of the photovoltaic cell or solar panel. Check some old pictures of mine from other angles: Other side, underneath and the stairs.


  1. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Now that is a big solar panel.

  2. what for the electricity is generated?

  3. Hi,

    The architect behind this amazing structure is Jose Antonio Martinez-Lapeña, who created it for the 2004 Forum together with Elías Torres. He received a prestigious FAD Architecture prize, and is currently working on new buildings in the area. This team of architects is considered one of the best in Barcelona.

    Best regards from Barcelona and congratulations for the excellent photo!


  4. Anonymous1:31 PM

    This "thing" is impressive. I assume it generates a lot of power and that is used for something? And the other "big" question is: "Who paid for this?"

    An amazing series of photographs.

    I published a bunch of nothings today - a little of this and that.


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