Barcelona Photoblog: Reflections of a Little Girl

May 10, 2007

Reflections of a Little Girl

Reflections of a Little Girl
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Reflections of a little girl in a little hat blue; she couldn't care less about the future on earth the way you do, the way you do. They told me she was standing there, the other day in solitude, talking with her other self that wouldn't tell the hidden clue: the way to see the world beyond, where right is left and dreams come true.

Trivia: As you now Joost is in beta and recently it has associated with the big media. So the TV of the future is cooking right there and Barcelona Photoblog has been invited as a friend to try the channel catalog in Joost. My opinion? It works and it rocks! And gee that just looks great full size in my 19 inches screen. Live streaming, no interruptions or jamming, resizable window, widgets including chat, news, clock, etc and the main course, the catalog. A little scarce as of now but fully customizable. I captured a Joost screenshot so you had a glimpse of the future of television on the web.

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