Barcelona Photoblog: Circus: Perch Act. The Human Flag


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Circus: Perch Act. The Human Flag

Circus: Perch Act. The Human Flag
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Talking about being lucky and random photography: We came across this show in Terrassa (in the outskirts of Barcelona) where a small group of artists was performing as part of the public activities organized by local authorities. The place was crowded and we were a little at a loss since this was only our second time in town. I took pictures of many artists but one of the acts really caught my eye: there were these two men, one holding a big pole on straps and the other climbing to the top with feline agility, they were doing the Perch Act. Notice the impossible pose of this guy, with his legs fully extended like some sort of human flag or vane pointing in the direction of the wind. I managed to take a picture of them backstage and to hear their names over the loudspeaker. Well, now thanks to the magic of the web and the little traces of memory I have left, I found out that these two men are well known in the circus world and the media. Here is their official site and some beautiful pictures. Ladies and gentlemen: Luciano Martin and Kike Aguilera from Zahir Circo. Let the show begin!


  1. Your photo is remarkable as is the skill of these performers. Thanks for the links and your backstage shot. Their agility is quite amazing and must require a great deal of practice. We have a small circus school here for youngsters and adolescents. I've attended some performances and it's breathtaking.

  2. wow pretty cool, from the thumbnail i thought the man was just a figurine

  3. Your photo made me smile. Thank you!

  4. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Good one, we once tried a similar move by manipulation but I gues with this we can't keep up...

  5. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I really liked the other photo the best. I like the human side of it. I appreciate the skill and strength and the performance this man exhibited. The man on the pole looks almost mechanical. I like your photography a lot and this is no exception. I also like, and appreciate, your narratives.

    I got to fly last night. I mean I just dove in and flew. You can find out how on my blog post today.

  6. Thanks Kate for all the sweet comments.
    Thanks to Pusa. I always zoom my pics out to minimum size to check how attactive they can be (some work better than others) and I agree that this odd pose makes you think of a puppet or something. Thanks for the visit and for pointing that out.
    Thanks to Slinger, for your smile.
    Thanks Charles Betz, that's funny. It is something that anyone can more or less fake with photoshop but why would we do that for! No, it is quite real. Wait till you see the trapeze woman :) Nice site.
    I also liked the backstage shot better but I don't like to repeat topic on my frontpage so all similar pictures go to my pc folder. I like the old circus customs and the funny faces but this is like the cinema, you have to choose between a thriller and classic movie sometimes. I still prefer faces and their humanity. Thanks for your valuable comments.

  7. a very fun photo...made me look twice!

  8. wow!!
    Gravedad cero!!

  9. LOL Dsole, gravedad cero!
    Indeed, it seems so easy for the gauy to do that!

    Carlos thanks for your comment! I enjoyed it a lot.


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