Barcelona Photoblog: Topsy-Turvy Confidence


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Topsy-Turvy Confidence

Topsy-Turvy Confidence

Being upside down, hanging from just one foot and depending on your partner's firm hold to keep your head safe some meters above the ground simply takes guts and a blind confidence in your fellow trapezist. This circus act took place in Terrasa near Barcelona recently (remember my previous post about the Perch Act). I added a vignette action in Photoshop to blur the distracting blue sign on the left.


  1. This is a bit like "wow how can she do this"?

  2. Practice, practice, practice. One wonders how many times she has fallen while perfecting this?

  3. wow this is pretty scary for me, great job for that girl and thank you for sharing this photo with us

  4. This is, indeed, a very brave woman. It seems like it would hurt the tops of her feet.

    An interesting, nicely taken, shot.

  5. cool pictures. what kinda camera u using?

  6. first look I thought It was another art creation,i still can't believe my eyes and look so closely and realized it's a real woman...Spectacular shows and Excellent photo,Carlos!

  7. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I agree that it takes lots of practice and confidence in your partner. It must also hurt like hell.

    Their beaks close, their eyes shut and their heads flop over the edge of the nest.
    American Robin series starts today.

  8. An incredible feat, or is it feet!? These people are also incredibly talented. Great shot!

  9. Each time I see things like that I go to ask to myself: should you able and brave enough to do the same? Uhm... No. Sigh. -- Thank you for sharing Carlos.

  10. I am glad the "topsy-torvy" image received so good reviews. I want to say THANKS to all my returning visitors and to the new ones. In order of appearance:
    -Aigars Bruvelis from Latvia and author of Riga Daily Photo.
    -Annie from Arkansas, USA and her Little Rock Daily Photo blog.
    -Pusa, from Manila, Phillipines. She runs Maynila Daily Photo also known as I Heart Manila.
    -Faye from Roseburg, Oregon, USA resuming command of Faye's Fotos. Welcome back Faye!
    -Mathew from Palm Springs and in charge of P.S. Dailyphoto, FLA. Author of a book about Digital Art Photography.
    -Beetle, representing Germany, the city of Cologne to be precise, and running the daily photoblog of the same name. Welcome to BCP.
    -Abraham Lincoln, a good specialist in nature and animal photography. You all know him he is from Brookville,Ohio.
    -Our lovely Kate "Hepburn" from St. Paul, Minn, USA or was it Mazatlan, Mexico?. You can find good pictures in both daily photoblogs.
    -And last but not least, our friend Fabrizio, representing Torino, in beautiful Italy. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous7:56 PM

    A little scary and a lot crazy!

  12. She definitely must enjoy herself. Daring, but a good photo shot! Such detail and clarity...


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