Barcelona Photoblog: Human Statue in Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Elf or Vulcan?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Human Statue in Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Elf or Vulcan?

Human Statue in Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Elf or Vulcan? [enlarge]

Yet another human statue in Las Ramblas, I wonder how many they can be! This time I can't really tell what he is, an elf, a goblin or a Vulcan like Mr. Spock from the Stark Trek saga. At the moment of shooting he was not working. In fact he was smoking and had this vacant stare into space way beyond his future customers. I bet he was thinking about what a crap this job can get to be. But then he seemed to sigh and started finishing his makeup. For the point of view of people photography these artists make a much striking picture before or after they pose, because that's the precise moment when they reveal their true personalities, their souls.


  1. Carlos - this is an exceptional street portrait, Cartier-Bresson's "decisive moment." I'm going with an odd subspecies of elf. Vulcans do not have this skin color and they are far too logical to smoke.


  2. Thanks strangetastes. I wish I were but that would be offensive, the master is the master :) You got me on that one. I am not a Stark Trek follower. Thanks for solving my doubts ;)

  3. ¡Me encantan! No existe ningun lugar en el mundo que pueda compararse a Las Ramblas de Barcelona. Puedo estar horas subiendo y bajando y siempre hay algo sorprendente.

  4. Excelente uma vez mais a fotografia.

  5. Perhaps he's The Tin Man in casual gear?

    South Shields Daily Photo

  6. -Nessa estamos de acuerdo. Si no tienes nada que hacer te das un paseillo por Las Ramblas y ya te has pasado un buen día.
    -Obrigado Daniel. Te agradezco la visita y las elogiosas palabras. Gracias.
    -LOL That's the cherry on top :)

    Note: Today Sept 17th my site has experienced serious problems since most of the scripts in the code got corrupted. I had to fix them one by one. I decided to do some tidying up too, so I think everything loads a little bit faster although it is still slow. I hope you understand today's posting delay.

  7. I love these buskers. He has amazing ears!

  8. Awesome candid shot!


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