Barcelona Photoblog: Spanish Paintings in Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Collage

Friday, September 14, 2007

Spanish Paintings in Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Collage

Spanish Paintings in Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Collage [enlarge]

Here is a collage of Spanish paintings about topics such as bullfighting and flamenco plus some everyday scenes of Barri Gotic or El Raval streets, two quarters nearby Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Paintings like these are frequently ignored by Barcelonians and I guess this happens in other cities like say Paris, London...,but they obviously trap tourists like ants on a sugar lump. I don't say it isn't art but they are mostly centered on cliches and contribute to enhance them. When we visit Paris or London they do the same to us and we bite on the bait! Come to think of it I would do the same if I were to paint for money. So this is not the artist's fault, it is the cultural authorities' responsibility to promote a more representative art without forgetting, and I stress this, the cliches which are also part, in this case, of Spanish culture.


  1. Call me naive or an ant on a sugar lump, but I love these cliches!! Doesn't harm anyone because they're a fun way to recognize an aspect of the culture. I really like the street scenes, tho. Have a good week-end, Carlos!

  2. At first I thought this was collage which you created ... Hopefully the art is not on black velvet as is often the case in Mexico ... I have to admit that I would be one of the ants.

  3. _Have a nice weekend both of you. Kate I understand you like these paintings. I do too. It's just that I would like some more variety. And I wanted to muse a little on how we like things that locals tend to ignore.
    _Thanks Denton. You're right it could be worse or better said, not so good. As I said before we buy souvenirs somewhere else except for our city. Although I would hang some of those on my livingroom walls :)

  4. i like these paintings a lot. Very colorful and I like the why way some of them are "moving".

  5. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Nice paintings, we bought one about a spanish dancer girl, as same as this picture left corner. :)

  6. Michel Michaeljohn8:07 AM

    Bullfighting: It's not ART; its not CULTURE; its not SPORT; its TORTURE (ask the MAJORITY of the people in the bullfighting countries of Spain; Portugal; France; Mexico; Colombia; Ecuador; Guatemala; Peru and Venezuela that are working on, and passing BANS and ABOLITION of bullfights).

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    Don’t be a DISGRACEFUL "ACCOMPLICE" to this SAVAGERY by promoting/marketing it to IGNORANT "CUSTOMERS/TOURISTS" via any "pro"-animal TORTURE "products."

    Please help these "suffering" animals – STAY AWAY FROM BULLFIGHTS; speak out against them with the TRUTH and DEMAND that they be ABOLISHED.

    Michel Michaeljohn (An American of Spanish descent).

  7. I totally agree with Michel Michaeljohn


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