Barcelona Photoblog: Spanish Souvenir: The Bull-Parade

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Spanish Souvenir: The Bull-Parade

Mosaic bulls in souvenirs shops in Barcelona
This is an all-in-one souvenir, a bull, for bullfighting tradition followers abroad, designed and dressed the cowparade way. The curious thing is that instead of a bull hide this one has trencadis or mosaic in a clear allusion to Gaudi and other art nouveau artists. And the sort of blanket in the way of saddle must be the Spanish flag although it has the same colors as the Catalan flag. So ambiguity eliminates all barriers in order to sell and keep everybody happy. The history of mankind.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Oh I just love it! Fantastic focus and the colours of the mosaic lovely.

  2. I almost bought one of those (minus the hat)! I decided I didn't need another dust catcher and opted instead for Cava and olive oil!

  3. wow..its like our cow-parade in Budapest.:)

  4. -Mike I like the focus too. But I wish I could grab more detail of the head. Some other time maybe. Thanks.
    -LOL, that is the heck of a good choice.
    -Yes, I remember that one Zolt. Specifically the bus-like cow. Good picture.

  5. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Per Déu! Venir a Barcelona i comprar-se un barret de mexicà té delicte, però un toro amb trencadís gaudinià supera tot l'imaginable...

    De quina ment perversa ha sortit aquest engendre?

  6. Aixo que déia la passió per vendre tot-ho barretja. Gràcies Shard.

  7. Hola:)
    Our cow-parade vs your bull-parade:) I really did not know before if there is a bull-parade, thanks for your sharing! NO more words, absolutely loved those colors of mosaic! Since august pretty nice cows stampeding through the City Istanbul, interested in? Visit my home (=journal) for a few seconds, search for City event.

  8. The little boots make me completely speachless...

  9. It's very nice and somehow humorous. Nice boots though.

  10. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Que lamentable! Quina colonització més terrorífica que pateix Barcelona! Quina vergonya!

  11. Hi,
    So nice ! Do you remenber the shop ? KR William


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