Barcelona Photoblog: La Merce 2007 Celebrations in Barcelona, Capgros

Monday, September 24, 2007

La Merce 2007 Celebrations in Barcelona, Capgros

La Merce 2007 Celebrations in Barcelona, Capgros [enlarge]

Besides the splendor of La Mercé 2007 celebrations at night by the fountains of Montjuic I can only show you what happened in the afternoon at Port Vell. As usual giants and capgrosos (big heads) gathered to start the parade that serves as an early introduction to the big night show in front of the multicolored fountain that moves to the sound of music and the fireworks. For some us the real party starts too late and the site is packed with people. When you have kids crowded places late at night are practically impossible to attend. I hope you like capgrosos which are present in many Catalan celebrations all year long.


  1. I love the colorful capgroso ...thanks for the new word

  2. such a gorgeous pirate!

  3. We were on Las Ramblas for the parade of the gegantes on Sunday evening! Because we had to leave Monday, though, we missed the dancing capgrosos at Placa San Juame. I'm glad to see how they differ from the gegantes!

    And, you're right about the crowds! When we were watching the castellars, I thought I was going to get squashed by all the people!
    And the correfoc! YIKES!

    Great photo. . .I am so homesick for Barcelona this morning!

  4. Anonymous4:37 PM

    That is the coolest costum I've ever seen. Arrr

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I would love to visit Barcelona during this time. It looks like fun to go around wearing big heads.

  6. I love the photo and the new word (for me) "capgosos"--sounds so cool.

  7. Thanks my friends. I will repeat the word and split it in two. I know it is difficult.
    Cap (meaning "Head") Gros (Big, Thick, Fat) - Plural: Capgrosos. This is Catalan. In Spanish is Cabezudo.

  8. I agree with everyone who said that they like the big heads and the new word, capgroso. It is my first Catalan word. Thank you, Carlos Lorenzo.

    Thanks for your comment and visit to Portland (OR) Daily Photo.

  9. And in Portuguese "Cabeçudos".
    As Ramblas do mar...

  10. Stunning photo!


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