Barcelona Photoblog: La Pedrera or Casa Mila by Gaudi: Balconies and Ironwork

Thursday, September 20, 2007

La Pedrera or Casa Mila by Gaudi: Balconies and Ironwork

La Pedrera or Casa Mila by Gaudi: Balconies and Ironwork

Casa Mila by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi is logic defiant, even hard to frame properly with the camera!.

This modernista house is also known as La Pedrera (quarry) and has been featured in my blog several times.

Today I just want to concentrate on that set of irregular balconies with elaborate and impossible ironwork.

As you notice, the stone is cut and aligned in such manner that the balcony appears to undulate, like foamy waves that cast seaweed upon the shore.

Of course the seaweed would be the floral adornments in the wrought iron.

Gaudi was commissioned by the industrialist Pere Milà to build Casa Milà in 1906 and finished it in 1910.

It's a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1984 and thanks to Caixa de Catalonia (the bank that bought the building) it was restored and opened to the public in 1996.


  1. I love it! I absolutely need to visit Barcelona: I am a big fan of Gaudi. I love his exhuberance and how much fun his buildings are.

  2. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Wow... Barcelona is now definitely on my "to go" list next time I'm in Europe.

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    magnifique !

  4. Gaudi's work is always something you have to stand and look at for a long time...wondering, "How did he think of that??"

    You did well in capturing this work of his.

  5. Percorri-a toda de alto a baixo, incluindo o magnifico telhado, varandas e vidro tipicamente Gaudi, de uma arquitectura fabulosa.
    Mais uma vez que saudades.

  6. These balconies have always reminded me of the way paper contorts when it's lit on fire... but yes, it looks like seaweed too. Strange and beautiful.

  7. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Carlos, your prose has significantly improved and your photography is always outstanding.

    Lookin' good, bud.

  8. -Exuberance, that's the best word to describe it if any! Thanks Eliane.
    -Salian I am glad to hear that.
    -Thanks Ann. We tend to overlook what's obvious in the city. I try to capture it for you. I like to know about other places too. Maybe we don't have time to see them all.
    -Obrigado Daniel. Veo que conoces la belleza de este fabuloso edificio. Tienes razón. Es bonito de arriba abajo.
    -thethingabouttoronto- Hmm, I have to admit that it does look like paper burning in the fire. Much better than the seeweed image. It wouldn't be a floral adornment anymore but it surely resembles burnt paper :)Thanks for the new approach.
    -Hi Quantumfog, your words are too kind, thanks. Not being my language, I find it difficult sometimes to control what is colloquial, standard or elevated. Fluency depends on my time to write the post, my mood, the topic or the idea I am developing. Maybe I sound bombastic sometimes and some other times too simple. If I tell you the truth, I prefer a rich text, something I cannot always produce. The quality of pictures I leave it up to you to judge. For me it is never enough. Your site DOES look good, that's why I got you on my list!

  9. very beautiful and quite impressive. i'm glad that it is restored!

  10. Hi Carlos,
    It may have been difficult to compose a good photo of this building, but you've done it brilliantly! It's such an amazingly beautiful building, and your photo has given me the opportunity of seeing the lovely detail of the balconies, the windows and the curve and texture of the stone.
    Thank you.


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