Barcelona Photoblog: Sea Urchin Skeletons or Tests at CosmoCaixa, Barcelona

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sea Urchin Skeletons or Tests at CosmoCaixa, Barcelona

Sea Urchin Skeletons or Tests at CosmoCaixa [enlarge]

What looks at first sight like a submarine photograph, the kind you would see when those robots scan a deep oceanic bottom with their spotlights is nothing but a cross section inside a crystal box full of sea urchin skeletons or tests at CosmoCaixa, an interactive science museum in the upper side of Barcelona (address: Teodor Roviralta, 47-51). Cosmocaixa is modern in design, and good in quality but above all it is fun for kids who discover that science is not just a boring book with entertaining pictures here and there, but a fascinating world full of mysterious experiments, amazing optical illusions, curious instruments and what is best, things they can touch and play with to obtain magic results. If you come with your children to Barcelona this museum is a must. This is a Google Earth snapshot where you see CosmoCaixa's location and also a closer look. As to my picture and sea urchins, I thought this cross section offered nice textures and made you think in a way about evolution of species and science.

Here is a short video to get an idea about the experiments: Defying Gravity


  1. Very nice photo, Carlos! I love the color and texture.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    A fascinating photograph. One thing I really loved about Barcelona when I visited with my 7 year old son during the Summer was that there was so much for him to enjoy too, we were there for a busy 10 days but still didn't make it to this museum. Still it's a good excuse for another trip to Barcelona.
    Thanks again for all your beautiful photographs and for taking the time to post them. It's lovely to be able to keep in touch with Barcelona & I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the city during the winter months.

  3. vaya... parece una foto de satélite de algún planeta oscuro y lejano por conocer... qué graciosos los erizos de mar... (menos cuando los pisas, claro) en la carrera hicimos una disección de alguno de ellos y era súper curiosos por dentro. Un poco asquerosito pero es lo que tienen los interiores, no? ;)

  4. -Thank you Chris.
    -Inez, don't doubt it, you will have your winter pictures.
    -Thank you Daniel
    -Si, tienes toda la razón son asquerosillos. Aunque muchos se los comen :( Gracias por hacer la observación que me faltaba: que parece un planeta.


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