Barcelona Photoblog: Mermaid Captured in La Rambla, Barcelona

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mermaid Captured in La Rambla, Barcelona

Mermaid Human Living Statue in La Rambla, Barcelona

This mermaid was captured with my Nikon D70s while fishing for human statues along La Rambla, Barcelona. Fishy things there were indeed in the sea of tourists, like pickpockets or trileros trying to swindle people with cards, but those were dangerous species to play with. Besides I felt charmed and subdued by the irresistible chant. I tried to tie myself up to a lamp post and covered my ears like some modern Ulises but then she pulled out a small jewel box covered in shells, insinuated a smile and I succumbed. One more euro!


  1. Is that a person dressed as a statue of a mermaid, or is it truly a statue? Something about the eyes, and hair near the ear, makes it look like a real person in a mermaid suit. Which ever it is, it made for a neat photo.

  2. Whew! What a relief when you explained HOW you succumbed. For a minute there, I thought the Siren may have found another victim!!

  3. E diga-se que foi uma foto muito bem pescada.

  4. Oh, Carlos! I am in your wonderful city as I write this! I saw the mermaid the other day, and the marble human, too! I am in love with Barcelona, la feste de merce. . . .EVERYTHING. I will have to check your blog daily to get my Barcelona fix until I can return!

  5. -Wendy that is a girl pretending to be a statue. It seems that she got away with it.
    -LOL Kate. No, just the coin. Too much paint! Although I am not deaf :)
    -Hello Gerard. Thanks. That's the word.
    -Gracias Daniel.
    -Chris, are you in Barcelona right now? I hope you have a wonderful time if you are. Drop me a line if you need anything.


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