Barcelona Photoblog: Seasoned Human Statue Sitting in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seasoned Human Statue Sitting in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Profile of seasoned human statue in Las Ramblas

Yet another street artist or human statue I captured while walking down Las Ramblas towards the sea. The weathered man was sitting on this chair showing off his painted clothes and glasses while he read a book. I couldn't really tell if he was sleeping or watching you drop a coin on the can cause his eyes were hidden behind a thin orange coat of paint in the middle of the spectacles. The whole disguise made him look elegant, like some famous writer, maybe he was some sort of Kafka. He wouldn't say being a statue and all.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I loved the human statues when I was Barcelona, last November.:)

  2. Statues and mimes are always interesting and fun to watch. I especially enjoy watching the wonder and surprise on the faces of childen. Good close-up of this gentleman!

  3. In winter is better sometimes. Now the fact that there are too many people and that it is hot outside makes watching each of them a very difficult task.

  4. Eu quando visitei foi nos últimos dias de Novembro e inicio de Dezembro, apanhei excelentes dias, estava frio e céu limpo, começava a cheirava a Natal, essa zona das Ramblas tinha "sabor" muito especial, fantásticos esse artistas.

  5. -Thanks Okina. I am glad you visited my city.
    -I also love to see the face they make. Much more than the statues.
    - That's right, winter for me is the best of times to really appreciate their work. Everything looks cleaner and there are less people packing around their stands.

  6. What a great statue...other than the color, I could believe he is real.

  7. I love this photo, great depth of field. Good work.


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