Barcelona Photoblog: Street Artists in La Rambla, Barcelona: Human Statue

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Street Artists in La Rambla, Barcelona: Human Statue

Street Artists in La Rambla, Barcelona: Human Statue - Vegetal Equilibrium [enlarge]

As I said yesterday I took some new pictures of street artists performing in La Rambla, Barcelona. Human statues that turn around and make funny faces, wink an eye, freak you out with a sudden movement or hold a ball on their fingertips while they elegantly pose for your camera as this man, dressed like a tree or some kind of deity, maybe trying to suggest a fruit and the equilibrium Mother Nature needs nowadays to survive.

Recommended: I would like to recommend Olivierdestroy whose artwork I came across today at Flickr. Some may like him, some others not so much but you won't remain indifferent. Note: requires to be logged in.


  1. This guy was at Edinburgh Festival recently. He is fabulous. His make up and getting into the costume must take hours.

    Great photo, thanks.

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    The street artists are amazing and like Pal said, it must take them hours to apply their make-up. When I see them I wonder if they travel on the Metro like that? How do they get to and from La Rambla because they are already dressed when they arrive.

    I am in awe at long they can manage to stay absolutely still. I couldn't do it for 1 minute.

    I heard some rumours that the Barcelona authorities were going to ban the street artist from La Rambla but surely that can't be true.

    My favourite street artist is the Dali one where his head is served on a platter. His costume is in the form of a table complete with tablecloth. (you had a photo of him earlier this year) He is a great guy, very funny and speaks impecable English.

  3. Adorei a zona das Ramblas, na altura tive a oportunidade de apreciar estes artistas, excelentes.

    Já agora obrigado pela sua visita.

  4. Amazing image. The somber tones along the street add to this guy's effect. He must twist quite a few heads.

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  5. Wow, this costume is beautiful. Very artistic and tasteful. And he definitely posed for you. Amazing hairstyle too!

  6. _Hi Pal. Thanks for the info. Sometimes we tend to think they belong in here but I guess they all travel from place to place.
    _Gary, thanks for coming. Regarding your question, some of them do change in front of passersbies. I suppose the ones with disguises on must live nearby. I have never bumped into any artist wearing makeup on the subway train. I am glad you remember the "beheaded man". He spoke wonderful English.
    _Thanks Daniel.
    _Hello Steve, quite a lot of people stopped to watch him roll those balls through his fingers.
    _Eliane, I appreciate you like it. Thanks.

  7. It's an unusual depiction of...? Quite amazing.


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